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Moral Combat

Moral Combat - Why do liberals play computer games like conservatives?

Just a quote:
I blame some of my right-of-center leanings on the structures of the games themselves. Having children has the added bonus of extending game time in The Sims, because I get to continue to play the same family as the generations roll by. Maternity leave is mandatory for pregnant Sim women because of a long-standing technical issue within the game, but that replicates a long--standing real-world assumption about which partner should care for newborn children. The result is that my Sim women often leave work permanently because they've taken more time off than their Sim husbands, which actually mirrors the results of gender discrimination in the real world. If the game were set up in a less traditional way, I would likely play it in a less traditional way.

You can read the whole thing at the link above. What do y'all think? I hadn't thought about how the Sims does mirror real-world gender discrimination until just now.


The biggest problem with modern games?

The producer of Mafia 2 thinks that the biggest problem with modern games is "An obsession with gay space marines."

What do you think is the biggest problem with modern games?

To some extent, I agree with the "obsession with gay space marines"--in so far that it shows the problem of so many modern "hardcore" games being exclusively FPS games that are also almost exclusively male in terms of side characters. Anything that's not a bald, buff space marine blowing shit up is often disparaged as not "hardcore."


'Babysitting Mama' Only Offering White Babies, No Shaking - Babysitting Mama has players put their Wiimotes inside a plush baby doll, but it's only offering one color.

Babysitting Mama, a spin-off title of Majesco's successful Cooking Mama franchise, has players putting their Wii remotes inside a plush baby doll -- but they're only offering the plush in one color.

Though there will be six avatars of "different races" and both genders in the game, the company will only offer a single Caucasian-looking doll for all players.

"No matter what baby you choose on the screen, there's going to be one plush," explained franchise product manager Pete Rosky at a demonstration during last week's E3.

When asked why there wouldn't be other versions to match the in-game avatars, Rosky said, "That's a lot of manufacturing and hoping everybody wants a different doll. Honestly, I think as along as we have some (other races) in the game, I think it will be okay -- I hope."

The game works like this: the Wii remote fits inside the back of the plush baby, and the Nunchuk controller is used for various activities as well as navigating the menus. Each of the six babies has different activities for the player, such as rocking the baby, taking photos, shaking the rattle, playing peek-a-boo, etc. Do well, and the baby coos from the Wii remote. Do poorly and -- natch -- it will cry.

Whether they be twisted adults or careless children, we wondered what happens when players shake the baby too hard. Rosky said there will be a warning included, and the game simply just won't work if you're too vigorous while caretaking.

"We want you to treat (the doll) as if it was a real child; the game is definitely designed for a gentle use of the baby," Rosky said. "Not only is it not encouraged, it's also not going to be useful. Players will want to actually win the mini-game, and they'll stop doing what they're doing. I hope that parents will play it with (their kids), and encourage them to treat the baby with respect. Doll or not, it's representative."

Though the game doesn't make use of the ultra-sensitive Wii MotionPlus technology, according to Rosky, it will be able to pick up subtle movements players have when interacting with the Wii remote inside the plush doll.

"We've actually been working closely with Nintendo about how the doll works," Rosky added. "We've all been passionate about making it very gentle."

Babysitting Mama will be available this holiday as a doll-and-game bundle for $39.99.


Yeah, who cares if the physical doll you're handling is the wrong color! White's the default, so it's all we need!

Ugh, I want that guy to watch the clips of the little black girls still choosing the white dolls as the "good" and "pretty" ones, and ask him if he still thinks it's OK to only offer one race.

Ten Most Important Video Games?

Accord to the New York Times, here are the 10 most important video games:

Spacewar! (1962), Star Raiders (1979), Zork (1980), Tetris (1985), SimCity (1989), Super Mario Bros. 3 (1990), Civilization I/II (1991), Doom (1993), Warcraft series (beginning 1994) and Sensible World of Soccer (1994).

So what do y'all think? What would your list of the ten most influential games be?

For me, and in no particular order:

Super Mario Bros
Final Fantasy 7
Silent Hill
The Legend of Zelda
World of Warcraft
Brink: No Girls Allowed

So here we have yet another game where you are not allowed the option to be female--either the devs would rather make realistic walls instead or it would just be too haaaard for them to create female models, or, heck, they write out the wimminfolk by having them be artificially inseminated or gang-raped until they produce babies.

There is something that is deeply disturbing about the way that female characters are considered superfluous, and a "feature" that could be dropped. I understand that there is a gross gender inbalance amongst game devs...but the sad fact is, when they create games that either ignore or alienate women, this imbalance is going to continue, because the NOT FOR YOU is coming through loud and clear.


Can games be art?

Roger Ebert - Video games can never be art

I'm going to agree with Ebert. I think games can be artistic, but I don't think they can be art.

Gears of War 3: Adding a Female Character?

Gears of War 3: Adding a Female Character? (originally via Kotaku, but don't read the comments there unless you want to start curbstomping people--which is why I went for the original blog post rather than the Kotaku article.)

...Seriously, the only role the creators of Gears of War see for women in the future is baby makers? And the only way not to be relegated to 'incubator' is to be incapable of bearing children? Really? Really?

This reminds me of the game devs who wrote off creating female characters in favor of realistic wall damage. :/
4 rules for creating mainstream media gaming controversies

I found this very interesting, especially because of the recent Rapeplay brouhaha. Thoughts?

Inside the Mind of Girl Gamers

Inside The Minds Of Girl Gamers

Any thoughts? Most of this was a big, "Well, DUH," for me, since I am, well, a female gamer.